Reiki FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are like most people you are drawn to Reiki and you may not understand why.  It is not uncommon for people to book their first session out of pure curiosity.  As the first session begins and hands are placed on or above the body the mind begins to race.  “What is she doing?”  “Why is she doing that?”  “Her hands aren’t on me – is she just sitting in the corner looking at me?”

Next, the doubt creeps in.  “Does this really work?” “How can this be possible?”  “Did I just feel something?  No, must have imagined it.  Wait!  I felt it again.”  This is the moment of surrender.  I can see it and feel it in the client’s body — the loosening of the facial muscles, a decrease in blinking and the telltale sign of heavy breathing or the slight snore….



So, what is Reiki???

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique used for relaxation, stress reduction and encourages the body to heal from within.  The word Reiki is actually two words – “rei”, meaning higher power and, “ki”, meaning “life force energy”.  The words together create “spiritually guided life force energy”.

Ok, but what does that REALLY mean? 

There is unseen energy called life force coursing through each of us – this is the reason we are alive.  When you are joyful or excited, your life force is very high & you may feel a strong sense of love or connection to other people, yourself or a higher power (God, Creator, etc.). On the other hand, when you are ill, injured, stressed or depressed, your life force is low.  It’s harder to feel gratitude or a connection to others, a higher power OR yourself – not to mention, pulling ourselves out of the funk we feel trapped in.


How does Reiki work?

Reiki energy is THE universal life force energy.  Some equate it to God, the Creator or simply refer to it as the “infinite wisdom of the universe”.  Because this is the very energy that flows through and all around us, we are able to tap into it to and use it to heal our emotional, spiritual and physical pain.  Have you ever prayed on an issue and felt a sense of relief after?  Do you meditate or practice yoga and feel a sense of peace and calm when you have completed a session?  If so, you have already worked in partnership with the higher power & accessed this energy!!

It is no secret we live in a hectic stressful world – not only are we stressed but the people around us are too.  Our own stress and worry is enough to lower our life force energy.  If you are sensitive to other people’s moods and emotions, you are also picking up other’s people’s “muck” which is lowering your life force even further.  This “yucky muck” is blocked energy – energy that cannot make its way up, around and through your body (think meridians) like it needs to in order to keep you healthy.  When this energy is blocked or stagnant it can lead to physical, emotional or spiritual discomfort or pain.

Reiki practitioners become channels or hollow bones for the Reiki energy to flow through to the receiver. For me, I see the top of my head (crown chakra) open to the universal energy above.  This energy flows in & through me and out through my hands to the person I’m working with.  Reiki energy is intelligent (remember? It is God-like!) and knows where the receiver needs healing.  The energy works on those areas to break up blockages and restore a smooth even flow of energy through the body.  If the receiver is open to the energy, the body graciously accepts this and attempts to restore health and balance.


How does Reiki feel?

It is typical to feel deeply relaxed during a session.  You may also feel tingling, pulsating or a change in temperature on the area of the body receiving the Reiki.  In addition, people have talked about seeing colors, having visions, or feeling watched over while in this relaxed state.  Many people state their body feels heavy while their spirit and emotions feel light, like they are floating.  It is not uncommon to fall asleep because Reiki instills feelings of deep peace.

Immediately after a session you may feel like you are floating, off-balance or light-headed.  This is due to all the heaviness that has been cleared.  This is YOU – this is how you feel when you are clear of stress and worry.  It may take a few minutes for you to come back into  your physical body.  Take your time getting off the table.  I will speak with you about the session while ensuring you are grounded and can safely go about your day.

In the days and weeks following a session, you may notice you are less irritable and able to see the positive side of life more easily.  People have told me these sessions give them the courage to make difficult decisions or face tough situations head-on.  Reiki often leaves you with a strengthened sense of well-being and security.  That’s not to say decisions are easier or less scary to make BUT the confusion around situations seem to clear up and answers to questions may be more clear.


Will Reiki affect my physical body?  How will that feel?

Reiki is great for temporary relief of pain, inflammation, spasms and other uncomfortable side effects of medical ailments or conditions.  I have helped many people find relief from headaches; inflammation from sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.; liver conditions; and pre- and post-surgery anxiety or pain.  Don’t be confused that Reiki itself cures chronic pain, cancers or other medical conditions.  It does not.

Reiki is best used in combination with prescribed medical treatments you are currently receiving or seeking. While Reiki itself doesn’t cure, it DOES help the receiver learn how to live in greater harmony with their condition.  Reiki is empowering, it activates the body’s ability to heal itself and has the added benefit of helping to decrease pain and stress that often comes with the healing process.  Learning to live in better harmony and peace with a condition has the added benefit of helping necessary medications work more effectively, treatments are performed more eaily and healing sleep is easier to obtain.

What do you expect from me during a session???

The most important thing you can do is come with an open mind and the intention to receive.  Many first-timers have a whole lot of internal thoughts and questions at the start of a session.  Don’t keep those inside – ask me your questions & tell me what you are experiencing!  I have found that getting the thoughts out and the questions answered early is key to a relaxing, peaceful and productive session.  I don’t want this to seem like a mysterious or secretive process.  My goal is to help you find your center and then help you develop tools to maintain your personal center & balance.

Make your needs known.  If you are uncomfortable – too hot or cold, back is hurting, music is too loud, lights too bright, etc. – please let me know.  Typically, I will ensure you are comfortable at the beginning of the session & again when I see you are relaxed and receiving well.  If I think you are receiving on a very deep level and look to be in a meditative state, I will not interrupt.

Another very important aspect to your healing and development is accountability.  You should be prepared to accept responsibility for your own healing and taking an active part in the process.  This could mean you need to work on anger, self-worth, self-love, meditation, etc. to prevent energy leaks.  Working on aspects of self that may need improvement helps to build and sustain personal energy centers – my primary goal in all Reiki sessions.  Because of past experiences with people who have just wanted the healing energy & did not want to work on themselves or take accountability, I reserve the right to refuse treatment if I feel we are not working on the same goal.


How long does the Reiki last???


I recommend 4-6 full treatments (60 minutes) to experience the full benefits and effects. These sessions may be held weekly or monthly depending on your needs and preferences.  Those with chronic conditions may need several weekly treatments over a 1-4 week time period before moving to a monthly schedule.  Generally, after your first few sessions, you will recognize when it is time for another session. Listen to your body – it knows what it wants and when it needs it!



Is it ok to receive Reiki if I have a strong religious practice???

This is a deeply personal question and one only you can answer.  Perhaps it would help to speak to a leader at your place of worship or pray on how receiving Reiki will affect the integrity of your personal faith according to the doctrines you adhere to.

While Reiki is not a religion, it is a spiritual practice.  In my own life I have found that my spiritual hunger is not fed by religious practice.  While I appreciate the tradition and ceremonies of religious practices and services, it is difficult for me to integrate teachings spiritually in a formal setting.  I have found practices like Reiki, meditation and yoga help me fully connect to and maintain a personal relationship and rapport with my Creator.  That is what I seek – are you looking for the same?