Aromatherapy Add-on Service

Add another layer of luxury to your healing…

Whether essential oils are mixed into your massage lotion or diffused into the air, choosing to add essential oils to your session is beneficial to your overall wellness. Essential oils are chosen based on your personal preference or healing need.  While the FDA prohibits aromatherapists from making claims about the healing properties of essential oils, it is important to note that some oils are not beneficial for all people.  It is extremely important to work with your therapist to choose the oil that is right for you.

Standard options including a few of the conditions or issues essential oils may help with are listed.  Seasonal and special options may be available.



An herbaceous aroma with soft woodsy undertones useful for respiratory ailments; headaches; muscle aches & pains; clears the mind



A rich woodsy and earthy scent useful for rejuvenating skin tone; preventing wrinkles; treating respiratory ailments; alleviating fears, anxiety, nervous tension and stress



A strong floral aroma with a hint of mint useful in detoxifying the lymphatic system; cellulite; balances female hormones (menstrual issues & menopause); creates a sense of security & comfort; aids in relieving anxiety & nervous debility



A lingering intensely sweet floral aroma that acts as a powerful antidepressant for those suffering from a lack of confidence, indecision and lethargy.  Useful in skincare for those suffering from dry and inflamed skin.

Avoid in pregnancy, especially those with a history of miscarriage.  All others use a 1% dilution. 



Sweet floral aroma with herbaceous undertones useful for muscle aches & pains; skin healing; stress & anxiety; promotes sleep.

Not for those in the early stages of pregnancy, especially those with a history of miscarriages



A warm, spicy and balsamic scent useful for inflamed skin conditions; as an expectorant; painful periods; stress; anxiety; inspires peace & tranquility; aids meditation

Avoid during pregnancy



A strong minty scent with herbaceous undertones useful for digestive issues; sore feet; headaches & migraines; may alleviate the symptoms of shock.

Avoid using in conjunction with homeopathic remedies.  Only use in small amounts on the skin.



An exotically sweet and woodsy scent beneficially used for bronchial issues; balances soothes and hydrates all skin types; nervous tension; depression; tension headaches; insomnia; facilitates spiritual practice; calms irritation & frustration; quiets the mind; helps to balance & harmonize the chakra system

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