Medicine Dolls

During the early days of the pandemic I made and delivered worry dolls to friends. It was a way for me to channel creative energy while staying connected to those I found myself physically distanced from. The more I created, the more the dolls would speak to me. Some would give me a name. Some would show me the worries of the person I was creating for. Some would repeat a phrase over and over until I jotted it down.

As vastly different as each doll looked and felt, they all had messages for the person they were being created for. As I began recording & delivering the messages there was an undeniable voice telling me these were not simply worry dolls but Medicine Dolls.

Medicine dolls encapsulate the specific healing energies needed for the people they are made for. Dolls may represent guides, new versions of the self being born, soul fragments or ancestors. To create, I focus on the energies of the person and state the intention that I am allowing Spirit to work through me to bring all the physical elements together and all messages forward.

Medicine Doll readings have been ordered as gifts for birthdays, graduations and other special occasions. Readings can be requested to assist with specific concerns or questions or to help understand the energies that are coming into a person’s life.

Each reading costs $88 and comes with:

  • Medicine Doll
  • 1-2 page Intuitive Reading including practices or instructions to aid in your growth and healing
  • Crystal/Stone or specially formulated oil blend to complement the reading and augment healing practices

I make every effort to complete your request in the time frame requested. However, each doll comes to me in their own time and will not be made until the timing is right. If ordering as a gift, I request 2-3 weeks lead time to complete your order.

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