Reset & Renew

That day we’ve been looking forward to after the long cold winter is upon us… the first day of Spring.  In the Midwest, we know this is usually just a date on the calendar & the realities of winter may linger for several more weeks.  Even if Spring IS just a date to mark time, it is still hope…the promise of renewal, growth and new beginnings.  For several weeks I’ve been planning my garden, outdoor gatherings & adventures and feeling my body respond to Spring’s approach.  As we wipe our eyes of sleep, regain our hunger for life and emerge from our winter siesta with clarity, vigor & excitement, we may take some time to pause & reflect on what we want to accomplish in this new season & make plans to prepare ourselves.

Spring is a time to move forward in fresh new & positive ways.  A time for clearing the past, healing the present and planning for the future.  It is the time to plant new seeds, plan new beginnings and explore new paths – a time for roots to develop.  In ancient times, rituals were performed during the Spring Equinox at the moment the Earth crossed the Equator – the moment that marked the days & nights being the same length.  The phrase “spring cleaning” derives from these rituals which entailed the cleansing of old energy out of homes & temples to make room for the new being ushered in.

Spring Equinox is much more than our days growing longer – symbolically, it is our cue to examine the balance we have in our lives – physically, energetically, emotionally & spiritually.  Additionally, the increased light shines to illuminate old patterns with new awareness – it helps us wake up to what is not working & what we need to shed so we are able to walk forward.  Personally, I have had experiences over the winter that have shown me what I need to shed, what I need to work toward & where I need to grow.  The longer days & warmer weather have been helping me gear up…but, this year, I am aware I need to find ways to support & reinforce the transitions I sense coming in.

I have been reflecting on the Raindrop Therapy I offer and how this is a perfect modality for helping the body & Spirit make transitions.  This particular treatment humbles me in a deeply moving way.  I have described that it feels as though I am washing a person’s soul clean.  The deep reverence & profound love I feel while giving Raindrop Therapy is indescribable – I feel honored & humbled to be in service to the person.  I often feel transported to another plane of consciousness – I see & work on the physical body but am acutely aware I am also working on their Spirit.  With each application of oil & with each stroke, there is a prayer directed for the person’s highest and best.  The prayer that what is no longer needed is released to enable the person to walk forward lighter of Spirit & stronger of body.  To be set back on their path – the path that leads them to realize their Creator/Spirit/God-given gifts in service to others.  I have been moved to tears on occasion when I feel the technique washing the Spirit clean, healing on a profound level and being in the awareness that none of this actually comes from me – but thru me from the Divine.

Spring is often thought of in conjunction with Easter for Christians.  While I am not a devout Christian, the religious significance of washing another’s feet has been quite impactful.  During the Last Supper, the night before his crucifixion, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as a display of his honor and servitude.  Before Jesus’ display of service, a job normally delegated to the lowliest of slaves,  the disciples had been arguing amongst themselves as to which of them was the greatest.  There was no slave present to wash their feet & not a one of them thought to wash the feet of another – pride, ego and fear at play.  To see their leader take the role of the lowliest slave is recorded to have been quite the shock!  To increase the impact of his action, Jesus told the disciples, “I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you” (John 13:15).

Whoa!  Is it any wonder I feel all of this when I hold another’s feet in my hands?  In the last several months what was once a knowing has morphed into a deep assuredness – my healing is my gift to give away.  I witness this in each session I lead – each time I see a client react or hear them exclaim to the lightness of spirit they feel.  Raindrop Therapy has opened my path as a practitioner in many ways.  Every time I perform a session for another, I also feel lighter and that my soul has been washed.  I can think of no better way to prepare myself or anyone else for a transition or reset.   Seems to me, Spring is the perfect time…

Other ways to “reset” your body & spirit during the transitioning season

  • Create a health or life plan
    • List what you would like to clear out of your past or within yourself
    • List the things you would like to see happen in the new year
    • Include GOALS with action items to keep you focused
  •   Cleanse or fast
    • Cleansing and fasting have been used throughout history for many reasons but the common theme is ridding the body of excess waste, debris & disease.
      • A cleanse of fast may rejuvenate & enhance vitality of the physical body
      • Spiritually, they are used to attain greater awareness & clarity
      • In the energetic & emotional body they may aid in releasing resentments, judgement and stagnating energies
**If you plan to fast or cleanse, consult a healthcare professional**
  • Bathing & scrubbing the skin with a loofah or body brush to remove dead skin cells & wash away toxins
  • Daily exercise that builds strength & endurance while providing a cleansing sweat
  • Other body & energy therapies aimed at moving energy through, in & around the body & auric fields