We been pickin cotton…

We been pickin cotton for ya - Under master's hand. We been pickin cotton for ya - master says we can. We been pickin cotton for ya - Throats dry with bleeding lips. We been pickin cotton for ya - We hopin for a sip. We been pickin cotton for ya - No water for … Continue reading We been pickin cotton…

Do no harm

I greeted the new day with excitement and lists of projects and tasks to accomplish but the inability to begin. I finally conceded to the day and rested. That evening I received a call for help that lead to an all-night ER visit, the opportunity to witness terrible medical care and a new approach to my own caregiving practices.

Website Gratitude – Part 2

Well folks - I did it again...already.   I recreated my website mere weeks after publishing the first attempt.  I'm so incredibly happy and proud of the new site and remain grateful for all the hours I spent learning and navigating the website builder the first time around.  This second attempt took less than 10 … Continue reading Website Gratitude – Part 2

Website – a labor of gratitude

I might just be overly independent, stubborn and exacting.  And those attributes might just cause me some frustration but they aren't BAD characteristics by any means - they are just ones I have to really keep an eye on and reign in when they start to run wild.  That usually happens when I'm really excited about … Continue reading Website – a labor of gratitude