Copy of FB post 7/11/2019 – “Intentional Anger”

My anger-fueled motivation has been phenomenal & has led to uncovering hidden truths, buried secrets, and unsavory feelings.  I’ve always viewed anger as a “bad” emotion – in myself & others. When it comes from others, it is a punishment. When it comes from me, it is … read more here




4/9/2018 — “We been pickin cotton”

Delilah looked at me suddenly & said “I’m supposed to remind you of the boat”. My head jerked up as breath caught in my throat and my heart pounded like a war drum. I looked at her and said….read more here


Flower 13/19/18 — “Reset & Renew”

Spring is a time to move forward in fresh new & positive ways.  A time for clearing the past, healing the present and planning for the future.  It is the time to plant new seeds, plan new beginnings and explore new … read more here



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2/7/18 — “My Journey Thru Reiki”



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1/12/18 — “The Tree & The Wind”

The wind swooped down to the ground where I stood.  Face to face, it playfully cajoled and invited me to ride on its tailwinds.  Without hesitation, I grabbed hold of a new adventure.  We blew in and out of valleys – up and around mountain peaks while we laughed & played … read more here

FB post (13) 11/27/17 — “Holding out My Hand”

I’ve always seemed to struggle with conflict & knowing when to walk away or stick around – and the feelings that come with either choice.  I don’t recall a time that I’ve ever been able to walk away in peace, love..contentment?  Likewise, I don’t recall a time when I’ve been able to stick around without…read more here



21744639_704637240415_72002404_n10/9/2017 — “Healing Spaces”

I’ve experienced some magical sessions & moments, but this was unlike any other.  It didn’t “sizzle & pop” with electricity like others.  The visions & messaging didn’t surprise me & I didn’t hesitate or question any of it.  This session was quietly & peacefully extraordinary.  I felt the spirit of many beings surround us to support the session, clear & compassionate messaging and a deep maternal love radiating from both our beings and the Earth around us.  I felt safe and protected despite our conspicuous location…read more here



images (13)9/19/2017 — “Transitions” 

My grandmother has had a rough year – so many times close to her own transition.  She was afraid of death – of the sins she’d be judged for, the unknown & what it was going to feel like.  Grandma Fran journeyed…read more here



Copy of Weekly challenge 5 (2)6/19/2017 — “Triggered”

Lately, I’m being triggered left & right – above & below – inside & out.  What the hell is happening to me?  Where did the Zen go?  Truth is there has been a heck of a lot of change around here.  Ugh – I’m sitting in my least favorite position of “no longer & not yet”. It’s a space I don’t tolerate well…read more here


10782335_1461122617-46642/14/2017 — “Standing Rock: Answering the Call”

He acknowledges me with respect and a question in his eyes – a question he never asks but plainly states.  He explains his people are sick and tired – they need healing so they may continue their fight.  I nod my understanding and say I will come…read more here