Healing Spaces

A dear friend of mine recently requested a healing session – Reiki, Theta, Shamanic practices or whatever was needed to help her through an uncomfortable situation.  As I do with most appointments of this nature, I meditated to discover methods that may be used, topics I may need to read up on, and to identify underlying issues that might need to be dealt with in the course of our time together.  I make note of all I see & hear but realize ultimately this might all change in the moment.  This particular meditation was incredibly detailed – the herbs needed in the smudge mix, the underlying beliefs to be identified, tools to be used, the right time of day and, unexpectedly, the ideal location. And, just like that, a shift occurred in my practice.

I messaged my friend a bunch of information she needed to prepare for the session the next morning.  We both spent the remainder of the day preparing. I packed the necessary tools, I performed the necessary energy clearings for myself & her, sent out intentions, prayed, asked for guidance and slept.  The next morning we traveled to Palisades-Kepler State Park together.  We gathered our belongings and walked out to a sandy overlook in the river & established ourselves to face the East – to witness the rising sun that would usher in a new day & illuminate all we needed to see for the success of this session.

I’ve experienced some magical sessions & moments, but this was unlike any other.  It didn’t “sizzle & pop” with electricity like others.  The visions & messaging didn’t surprise me & I didn’t hesitate or question any of it.  This session was quietly & peacefully extraordinary.  I felt the spirit of many beings surround us to support the session, clear & compassionate messaging and a deep maternal love radiating from both our beings and the Earth around us.  I felt safe and protected despite our conspicuous location.

I like to practice without many physical tools – they are nice to have but I don’t want to become dependent on them.  This “purist” mentality prevents me from attributing properties or meaning to certain stones, oils, etc. which could get me stuck in a mindset.  This mentality helps me remain humble in the knowledge the work being conducted is coming thru me from the Creator – my role is only as conduit & witness.  As a physical being, messages guide me to use certain tools in specific areas for specific reasons that I may never receive an explanation for.  Frustrating?  Yes, at times.  But, I absolutely trust and honor this connection with the Creator and know that when healing energy is coming directly from the Big Guy no physical tools are needed.

In my ponderings on that day, I have come to realize I have been practicing out of balance.  While I may not have strong attachments to the tools I use, I was pigeonholing the sessions into my office space.  Not all session are the same – not all sessions require the same tools – and not all sessions need to take place within four walls.  In addition, not all energy need come solely from the Creator – what about the energy of the Earth Mother?  Her strength & energy is often overlooked and taken for granted.  The steadfast constant love of a mother often is.

What have I learned?  What has changed?  I have been reminded to be receptive and open to the possibilities – to honor the uniqueness of each person and session that is conducted.   And, in all ways & aspects of my life, to wisely use what is available & being offered wherever I am.  The sessions have become more reverent as more of Mother Earth’s energy and maternal love flows – it is gentle, gracious, and deeply moving.  It is love and compassion & it is steadily becoming familiar.  It is right where I need to be.

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