Website Gratitude – Part 2

Well folks – I did it again…already.   I recreated my website mere weeks after publishing the first attempt.  I’m so incredibly happy and proud of the new site and remain grateful for all the hours I spent learning and navigating the website builder the first time around.  This second attempt took less than 10 hours – that seems like a lot when I put it out there like that.  But, in comparison to the first attempt, this was lightning quick!

The new site is cleaner, easier on the eyes, has better mobile capability and it just makes me happy.  I found a new online scheduling system shortly after beginning the redesign & I like THAT a whole lot more too.  Double win!!  But wait – there’s more!  I found this wonderful online tool, Canva, that makes creating marketing images a breeze – I can quickly slap together professional looking advertisements, cover photos, etc.  TRIPLE WIN!!  Canva has been the best discovery I’ve made in years, probably since sliced bread.  No lie.

Check out the new website here!

Look at this new online scheduling page too.


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