Website – a labor of gratitude

I might just be overly independent, stubborn and exacting.  And those attributes might just cause me some frustration but they aren’t BAD characteristics by any means – they are just ones I have to really keep an eye on and reign in when they start to run wild.  That usually happens when I’m really excited about something, have a vision, want to do it myself and then don’t know HOW to do it….like, for instance, if I were to try to create my own website with no previous experience or knowledge.

Sure, I spent a lot of time beating my hand against my head/my head against “the wall” BUT creating my website was an awesome experience!  It was a task full of lessons, reminders and opportunities for personal growth along the way .. and who doesn’t love seeing themselves grow?  I frequently reminded myself to be gentle, to not place unrealistic expectations or deadlines on myself and to have fun in the learning, trying and doing.  The process really woke up the creative parts of myself that have been sleeping or hiding for fear of making a mistake or not being perfect.  Imperfections and all, this website really represents who I am, what my purpose is and where I am in the process of growing my business and learning new skills.





I am striving to be more grateful and thankful in my frustrating moments.  What is frustrating you right now?  Or, do you notice that you struggle with the same situation or reaction over and over?  What about the situation is pushing you to grow in new and surprising ways?  Can you list the positives or opportunities for growth as easily as the perceived negatives?  It’s not always an easy task but if you are fed up or tired of the struggle and frustration, I urge you to try.  Often times changing perspective is the key to more gratitude, happiness and joy.

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