The beginning …

The beginning….

I’ve had the urge for a few months to share the discoveries, struggles and joys of my spiritual awakening and the walk I’ve chosen. Writing helps me work through issues, make sense of chaos, and is catharsis for my soul – I believe at this point in my walk I need to write and share my thoughts in order to continue in my growth and down my path.

I’ve always felt different – I never felt like I fit in with my family, nor my peers. I never understood why I should go to church when most the people I saw on Sunday didn’t appear to apply what was presented in the sermon. I never understood why I should continue friendships that were so obviously toxic to make someone else happy. This list is very long – what I did come to understand is that all I struggled with came from the false world of stuff, appearances, power, authority, judgment. Very early in life I recognized that many people shied away from me and that by questioning the false world I would be lonelier than I already was.
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