Compassionate healing


13087362_10209600571395906_1286397026426126236_nThank you for visiting my site – I am so happy you have found your way here.  My passion for whole person healing was born from personal experiences with physical pain and my personal journey to healing.  In the past I suffered chronically with pain and immobility in my hip.  No amount of physical therapy, strengthening or stretching improved the debilitating pain & immobility I felt daily.  Once I recognized my physical discomfort was a manifestation of the emotional traumas I had been burying all my life, I was able to heal the situation AND my body using a variety of modalities that would heal the mind, body and soul.  I know how scary it is to face your fears and demons, to constantly fight against the negative self-talk and to feel weak.  I emerged from my healing crisis a more balanced and aware person – ready to stand by you as you face your own fears.


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