Redwing Healing Arts

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me, Randi, and the essence of Redwing Healing Arts.  What started as a small massage therapy practice has blossomed into a healing practice offering several different practices and modalities and serving a vast array of people.  When I look back at the road that led to this time and place, I’m in awe.

In August 2015 I earned my Massage Therapy license and offered services in massage & Reiki in a room I co-rented.  I had NO clue what I was doing as a business owner!  Furthermore, I had NO idea who I was as a practitioner or what the essence of the Redwing Healing Arts brand was.  The focus of the years since have centered on my growth as a practitioner and discovering my unique healing perspectives and skills in unlocking those same things in others.


Each class I’ve taken has exposed me to a wide variety of participants, instructors and unique perspectives.  My philosophy of care has shifted from understanding pain as a signal to a problem in the physical body to grasping that physical pain emcompasses and originates in the mental, psychological and spiritual bodies.  The physical body is incredible but IS only one facet on the spectrum of wellness.  At Redwing Healing Arts, we focus on well-being on all levels so you can experience whole body wellness.

In the process of practicing each new modality, I have learned how to incorporate and combine tools & practices in individualized sessions – picking and choosing what is needed for each person, in the moment.   I have an ability to see right to the heart of an issue – thankfully, I also possess empathy, compassion and humor to balance forthright & honest messaging.

What I offer goes way beyond the services I provide – those are just the tools used to help you see possibilities & the path ahead.  I do not heal – I merely facilitate your ability to open up to the healing that radiates from within yourself.  ONLY you can heal you – and it takes work.  Clients who take on this challenge will find in me a cheerleader, confidante and confirming ear.  This is the essence of Redwing Healing Arts.

I’ve been honored to help so many people on their journeys of self-discovery and healing & I can’t wait to help you get started too!